Over the last three decades we have continuously refined our approach in order to concentrate on those themes where we can bring maximum focus to the business issue. By doing so, we can leverage our considerable IP and experience, and therefore provide the best value and outcome for our client.

In a nutshell, we now only do the type of work we excel at.

No compromises. No favours. No consulting Bullshido.

We stay in our lane, which allows us to develop and grow our competency within it.

Working across a wide variety of business sectors, we bring to bear the following specialisms:

Performance Transformation

Performance Transformation


Getting more out of our resources, achieving better outcomes, or increasing our rate of change, are a few ways where performance can be transformed.

And by transformed, we mean ‘overhauled’. Revitalised. Easier to attain.

We don’t simply pedal faster or ‘nip and tuck’ existing processes.

Whether we’re working on the bottom line, the ability to increase cash, the service level to customers, or employee empowerment, our transformation programmes provide you with more bang for your buck.

A lot more.

Business Turnaround and Recovery

Business Turnaround and Recovery

Sometimes our business performance isn’t where it needs to be, the needles are in the red, and we are going in the wrong direction. Sometimes these performance gaps will ‘work themselves out’, but more often than not they can, and will, cause serious damage to the business unless immediate stabilisation action is brought to bear.

That’s where we come in.

We have a solid track record of slowing, then arresting, performance decline, stabilising the situation, and then helping you to navigate the route back to your targeted levels.

Worry beads and gnawing your finger isn’t a recovery option.

We are.

Mergers and Acqusitions - Operational Due Diligence

Mergers and Acquisitions – Operational Due Diligence

When we join two or more businesses, there is always risk. Once the financials and the business planning have been analysed, and the ‘features of fit’ discussed, we are left with the risk that is least understood and hardest to check in depth – operational capability.

We augment your M&A effort by providing a comprehensive DD service, examining operational capabilities and capacities, identifying areas of concern, interrogating the CAPEX portfolio and levels of performance.

We provide a detailed operational diagnostic that encompasses the entire supply chain, from supplier base to end customer and all points between.

So that you don’t have to.

Factory (Re) Design and Layout

Factory (Re) Design and Layout


Whether a commissioning of a new factory, the rearranging of an existing manufacturing layout, or the extension of facilities after acquisition, we have demonstrable design and project management experience to ensure that things go smoothly in the redesign of your facility.

Even today, after 30 years of lean being a hot topic, lots of businesses suffer from poor layout, resulting in excessive work in progress, extended leadtimes and prolonged working capital exposure.

That’s why people come to us.

We have designed and implemented new production facilities, based on flow, in aircraft engine manufacture, automotive components, medical equipment, and packaging, to name a few. We have worked in hundreds of businesses to create cellular layouts, working with the local teams to affect the changes.

We have designed warehouses to achieve the best inventory turns and to ensure pick and ship efficiencies were maximised.

So, when it comes to layouts, we know a thing or two. Whether an entire facility or a single manufacturing cell, we have the unique credentials to support your vision.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Supply Chain Optimisation

Many supply chains evolve through growth or scarcity and have been formed as a reaction to some external stimulus. Rarely is the supply chain tailored to suit the technical, financial, or service requirements of the customer and these features are normally achieved through a series of design compromises: supplier redundancy and duplication, location of critical suppliers – with attendant logistics challenges, to name but two.

We have worked with an increasing number of clients to align their supply chains to their value requirement, in terms of total cost of acquisition, speed and responsiveness, and innovation capability. Restructuring multi tiered supply chains along demand streams, ensures lowest cost of supply and manages the risk profile in a proactive way, both from a business continuity and working capital standpoint.

How is your supply chain performing for you and is it future proof?

Procurement and Materials Management

Procurement and Materials Management

Direct Materials is still the largest contributor to Cost of Goods Sold. A reduction in the prices we pay has an immediate effect on our bottom line, but it’s not all about price.

Pilgrim have a long history in the field of procurement and materials management and work with clients to support their own internal teams optimise the supply agreements that they manage or help them negotiate better deals that support the overall materials strategy. Category Management, Core Competency Coding and Structuring, Should Cost Modelling and Target Costing Processes, are all areas where we have worked on developing the purchasing function to better understand the costs they are responsible for.

In Materials Management, we work with Finance and Inventory Management staff to determine the optimum use of inventory, determine the appropriate approaches (Make to Stock, Make to Order etc) and to develop systems for the review of working capital effectiveness.

We work with clients both in consulting roles and also as interim directors and managers for those businesses that do not have this function defined.

If your business could benefit from a reduction in materials spend, or an injection of cash from refined materials usage, call us.

Circular Advantage: Innovation and Value Management

Circular Advantage: Innovation and Value Management

Moving from the linear economy to the circular economy will be a challenge for many organisations. The generally accepted business model has been one of ‘take, make, dispose’ and is the premise of nearly all manufacturing strategies for the last hundred years.

Supported by the ever-present stakeholder pressure for market growth, our answer has always been to seek opportunities where we grow simply by turning the handle of the linear model ever faster.

We can do better. We have to do better.

Our approach to Circular Advantage harnesses innovation, value management, and sustainability management, to ensure that we are designing products that add the most value across their lifetime, that can be reused or recycled, and which embrace cradle to cradle thinking.

The combination of these three powerful and complimentary approaches ensures that our extended demand chain is optimising the function/cost balance, using materials that are sustainable, energy that is renewable, and manufacturing processes that are energy efficient and low waste.

To learn more about this exciting approach, call us.

It’s the future.

On joining the business it became clear that a new long term strategy was required to steer the business through a turbulent political and economic environment.

We worked with Davie on developing a strategy that both pointed the business on a route that navigated those challenges but also addressed the wider initiatives of our owning group.
We recognised the need for solid building blocks in areas to improve but with a vision flexible enough to take us through a changing environment.
I’m really pleased to say that our business plan is now routed firmly in c2c and supported by our stakeholders as a step change in the operation of the business.

Davies manner is warm and personable, using his vast corporate experience to draw parallels and help focus the planning sessions.

Rob Mullen
Managing Director, Train Operating Company