Our values are as valid today as they were when we first created them in 1996. As operating principles they guide our thoughts and actions and ensure that we provide a considered response to our assignments.

Our values are as follows:

At Pilgrim, we’re great believers in keeping things simple, that way people can maintain focus and don’t set off to boil the ocean.

A recurring theme in all that we do is our mantra: Do three things. Not four, not two. Three.

And so it is with our approach: Evaluate, Execute and Ensure.

The first step is Evaluate.

In the Evaluate phase, we take the time to really understand you, your business, and the issue or challenge that has brought you to us in the first place. Within this phase is a deep analysis of the business and the creation of your tailored improvement route map:

  • Diagnosis – end to end enterprise assessment
  • Analysis – understanding the performance gaps
  • Synthesis – developing the flexible blueprint for performance improvement

The output of this phase is a comprehensive assessment of the overall performance and capability of the organisation, and a robust, yet flexible, improvement blueprint that will close the gap between your current position and desired state.

This blueprint is a product in its own right, and one which you can act upon by yourself, or with an engaged third-party delivery agent. This agent doesn’t have to be Pilgrim, but of course, having invested the time and effort in understanding your issue, we will be strongly placed to provide the best probability of a successful solution.

The second step in our three-step process is Execute.

In this phase, we again maintain our ‘do three things’ approach. Typically, our interventions are based around the following three building blocks:

  • Direction – developing the strategy, gaining alignment, and deployment.
  • Cognition – Developing the improvement mindset.
  • Capability – Providing the toolkit that will increase capacity and competence.

Surrounding this is our performance management approach that unites teams to the common goal.

The third and last step of our approach is Ensure.

In the Ensure phase we again follow a three-step approach:

  • Maintain – provide ongoing support to the change agents and team leaders.
  • Sustain – install the new processes that facilitate the changes to stick.
  • Retain – Develop retainer agreements to ensure appropriate levels of after care and update.