• 1996

    Started Pilgrim 4th July, 1996

    3 areas: - Strategic Outlook - Resources Management - People Development.

  • 1998

    Major programmes of work

    Rolls Royce plc Supply Chain, Lear Corporation COMPASS CI programme

  • 1999

    50% of turnover is export

    Became a UK Limited Company

  • 2000

    Oursource Mangement International Ltd

    Launched OutSource to cover procurement and outsourcing opportunities

  • 2001

    Key architect in the development of Rolls Royce Production System

  • 2004

    Selected as key contractor in UK Government and four year 'Virtual Enterprise Network programme.

     Selected as key delivery agent in DTI funded 'Competitive Edge' programme

  • 2005

    Development of our solutions business - web solutions - visual management systems

  • 2005

    Rebrand of our OutSource business and bringing into the Group

  • 2005

    Rebrand of our OutSource business and bringing into the Group

    The Consulting wing, continuing our client support and value offering

  • 2005

    Changed company name and formation to Group status

  • 2006

    Approach expanded from the 3 original areas to cover 6 business areas

  • 2007

    Major programmes of support for aerospace and oil and gas clients: - UK - Europe - USA

  • 2010

    Return to a pure play consulting business

  • 2011

    Business Recovery programme for aerospace client

  • 2011

    Creation of a Assembly Flow line for major aerospace client

  • 2011

    2 year programme to develop a lean supply chain for major aerospace client

  • 2016

    Rebrand and name change, removing Group status

  • 2017

    Business recovery programme with major UK packaging company

  • 2023

    Supporting major Train Operating Company secure renewal of new government new contract

  • 2023

    Delivering strategy development and execution programmes for medical devices, smart factory and train operators

  • 2024

    Always a little further...


Pilgrim was founded in 1996. Since then, we have established ourselves as the partner of choice for many blue-chip organisations, small to medium sized enterprises, and startups.

Over the years we have built a strong reputation for solving problems and achieving success, fast. But fast doesn’t mean that we railroad our clients, or cut corners. Our work in change management is always conducted with sensitivity and integrity, and at the appropriate pace for the individual or the organisation.

When we started out, we were known as being pioneers in lean, kaizen, and operational excellence. In the mid-1990s there were very few consultancies with a ‘trained in Japan’ endorsement, and a lot of our client work was in the introduction of lean, TPM, kaizen or Operational Excellence.

However, as we entered the 21st century, we shifted our approach to embrace other kinds of business challenge: business startups, corporate turnarounds, pre-M&A due diligence support, and strategy development.

As we expanded from the pure ‘lean consultancy’ label, we adapted our consulting model and skill set to more of a problem-solving capability. These ‘problems’ being the reasons clients need help. Here are a few examples that don’t fall into a given ‘Fad label’:


  • Return to profit
  • Faster cash conversion
  • In-sourcing and capacity increase
  • Supply Chain restructuring

Our reputation as pragmatic and professional problem solvers is as strong as ever, and we have worked on assignments in 26 countries on 6 continents, doing just that.

Whilst we have always embraced change and stay ahead of the times, we still retain the same core team and business values that we started out with.

As the saying goes: ‘If it ain’t broke…’


On joining the business it became clear that a new long term strategy was required to steer the business through a turbulent political and economic environment.

We worked with Davie on developing a strategy that both pointed the business on a route that navigated those challenges but also addressed the wider initiatives of our owning group.
We recognised the need for solid building blocks in areas to improve but with a vision flexible enough to take us through a changing environment.
I’m really pleased to say that our business plan is now routed firmly in c2c and supported by our stakeholders as a step change in the operation of the business.

Davies manner is warm and personable, using his vast corporate experience to draw parallels and help focus the planning sessions.

Rob Mullen
Managing Director, Train Operating Company