Value Proposition

Reputations take years to build and can be lost in a day. So although we have expanded our capabilities over the years, we still stick to what we excel at.

The three areas where we can bring the highest influence are as follows:

Operations and Supply Chain

Financial and Cost Improvement

Customer Experience

Ensuring that we design and utilise waste free processes is paramount in our drive to be productive. Productive processes use less resource in the creation of value, and therefore support the efforts to maintain margins.

We utilise a wide range of industrial engineering and kaizen tools to improve productivity levels, coupled to our quality improvement suite. 

The linear economy of Take – Make – Waste has been the primary mode of value creation for the last century. For us, the wellbeing of our planet is an important part of our work, and we work with you to reconstruct the ways in which we add value.

We help you evaluate your entire value chain from cradle to grave to identify opportunities to move to the circular model for value creation and sustainability. This often involves customers as well as suppliers working in harmony to develop an idealised solution to the end customer requirement.

The topic of asset management is greater than just equipment maintenance routines. Building on and going beyond Total Productive Maintenance implementation, our asset management approach ensure that we get the right fit in terms of technology acquisition and that CAPEX requirements are in line with demand profiling.

Embracing the latest thinking in capability acquisition and equipment maintenance, our programme links the productivity and sustainability effort into a cohesive approach.

The reduction of costs is a key driver for any business. Whether these costs are direct, in the form of labour and materials, or indirect in the form of energy utilisation, freight and other overheads, they exist to be reduced.

Our proven cost reduction methodology has successfully reduced operating costs for our clients over the last thirty years. Yield improvement, material pricing negotiation, variety reduction and improved maintenance have all contributed to millions of pounds and dollars saved.

The pursuit of profit is all good and well, but we must never lose sight of cash management. The compression of the cash conversion cycle ensures that our free cash flow is optimised and available to us.

Our improvement approach focuses on reducing the time spent in three areas: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and the Materials Transformation space.

Inventory level is one of the key attributes to the cash conversion cycle, but in its own right it is worthy of improvement effort.

Our work in this area concentrates on optimising inventory holding to maximise required service levels. Working with procurement and planning colleagues, we look to tune the inflow of materials to the outflows, now and in the future. 

Quality is the bedrock upon which all other forms of business excellence are based. Empowering our teams with the appropriate tools to design quality into the processes and having a robust system for closing out issues/concerns, and fostering a ‘stop it, fix it’ mindset, are just a few of the methods we work with you to implement.  

As customers, we all want the things we buy to be delivered when we want them. Negotiating away from this ideal in terms of new due dates, partial shipments, and even supplying early, are all compromises that affect reputation and build in cost.

We work with you to build your operations flexibility, shorten lead-times, optimise your inventory profile, and reduce facility downtime, so that your customer commitments have a better chance of being met.

Every time.

Value means different things to different audiences. For us, value is a fine blend of three inputs: Quality, Functionality and Cost. Optimising these to suit your market puts you ahead of your competition. 

We work with you from product design to order delivery in order to maximise the balance between these three elements.