Pilgrim Management Consultants is a consulting business that specialises in solving your business problems.

From designing a new facility, or getting financial performance back in the black, to increasing productivity and performance, compressing the cash cycle, or improving service delivery levels, Pilgrim Management Consultants have a verifiable track record in making a difference.

Our client base is extensive and covers a wide range of businesses from blue chip, household names to smaller SMEs and organisations, across a diverse range of business sectors. We operate on a global basis and work closely with partner companies to provide seamless solutions for international programmes of support.

Since being founded in 1996, Pilgrim Management Consultants have developed an enviable reputation for delivering successful solutions and unparalleled value for money, delivering significant return on your investment.

It all starts with Leadership. At Pilgrim, we promote Principles Based Leadership, with compassion, respect, and fairness at the core of our coaching and support.

Our approach helps leaders build these skills whilst combining strategic direction, sense making and choice making processes with robust and exciting execution.
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Performance Management
Performance Management means different things to different people.

Managing performance, for us, is straightforward: Agree what is important. Agree the measures of success. Know your current status against these. Know the gaps and the required closure activity.

And, more importantly, make this system available for all. Every day. Everybody. No excuses.
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Commitment to Quality
A culture of quality and right first time, starts at the top.

Every person in the organisation has the power to damage, or enhance, your corporate reputation. To commit fully, you must provide the skills, the example, and the encouragement to address poor quality in real time, and to build quality in at every process step.

Our principle: No Blame: Stop it, Fix it.
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Team Engagement
At Pilgrim, we promote the ‘one team’ principle. Irrespective of organisational layer, every employee is in the same boat.

Same badge. Same team.

Shared goals, aspirations, and visions all help. But providing people with the skills, the time, the respect, and the opportunity to grow, will ensure that the enterprise grows with them. Empowerment is free.
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Process Excellence
Your business is a complex myriad of processes. Some work well, some don’t.

That’s Business 101.

In the pursuit of excellence, we need to focus on eliminating wasteful activities and costs from our processes. The easier and fewer the steps involved, the higher the quality of outcome, and the faster, more responsive we will be.

Because time really is money.
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Circular Lean
The current ‘take – make – waste’ economy is recognised as unsustainable. The continuous pursuit of growth strategies has a finite capacity and is cost prohibitive in the long term.

We work with you to take a ‘cradle-to-cradle’ approach in your product development, supply chain design, and manufacturing and reclamation processes and to take a circular view on how we can reduce waste, reduce cost, and provide a more ecologically sustainable solution set for your customers.
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We deliver.

Our proven methodology for solving your business problem ensures that we give you a return for your investment in us. Whether this takes the form of service improvement, business turnaround, cash release, or bottom-line impact, we ensure that our time spent with you is focused on your end result.

We work with you, not for you.

Clients have long told us that working with Pilgrim is like having a personal coaching service. Where other consultancies can often go native and start working for the client, we always maintain an independent stance, the better to maintain focus on the issue.  

We’ve been around.

We’re not some fly by night, kaizen cowboys. We have been doing this for a long time and we have done the hard yards.

Since 1996 actually.

We’ve got you covered.

We get to the point. Quickly.

The world is full of consultancies that prolong the agony, taking a ‘land and expand’ approach, and focusing more on billable time than solving your problem.

We don’t.

We believe that it is in our mutual interest to get to the root of the issue quickly, and this is achieved by putting our full attention on the problem, not the next invoice.

We blend in.

Yes, in dealing with Pilgrim, you are dealing with consultants, but remember: not all consultants are equal. We see ourselves more in a partner role, and in so doing, we quickly build rapport with all levels in your organisation, from boardroom to coal face.

We don’t wear suits, or ties, and have nothing that makes us stand out from the crowd.

Except our results.

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