Challenging the conventional

I worked closely with John on a major project value circa 500m, his proactive approach was instrumental in the implementation of lean principles which greatly improved efficiencies and eliminated waste.

As a construction professional I have undertaken numerous training courses and schemes, none of which even come close to the approach used by John. He has the ability to drill down into the fundamentals of any activity, identify the key constraints and challenge the conventional.

You would think this would lead to confrontation but that is not the case, John has the ability to unite the team and get it to look at itself objectively, an extremely powerful skill. Once the collective has agreed the methods John supports and further streamlines the processes, the achievements are quite remarkable and the continued objective scrutiny on one’s own plans leads to a one team culture that is not only successful in terms of output but fulfilling for all those involved.

My development has been hugely influenced by John, I am now a keen advocate of the lean principles, before my introduction to him I thought lean was something that belonged in a car manufacturing facility and not a construction project, how wrong I was! Credit to John for opening my eyes and showing me a better way, I look forward to working with John again in the future.

Justin Heasman MCIOB,
Operations Director Mace

Consulting Provided

  • Lean Implementation
  • Process improvement